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I've used these forums for a number of projects and I know the typical responses of some. So let me state that I do not believe art is "all the work" of a project. It's a half and half between the creator of the design and the person that puts idea to paper. Now that does NOT mean I value an artist any less than everyone else; I appreciate the hard work artists do and I have worked with a good bit of very talented artists in my field. 

Next some credibility I guess needs to be established. I'm Sky Copeland, founder of Fishagon, LLC. It's a small game studio that has published 4 games since it's launch in late 2012 with many more lined up for release (awaiting final proofing of art). We are also soon venturing into major production with our first Kickstarter coming up. Small prints have been done for our games and we've never walked away from a convention with remaining stock. 

Fishagon however is expanding and we'd like to make a branch studio to publish comics. Our plan is to create a site of webcomics published under AT Comics (due not AT is abbreviated for the actual name of the studio; not announced until initial press release), these will be quality web-comics we believe to fit our standards and focus of genre.

Do you know what a deus ex machina is? Well say you have an OC who's faced with a problem that seems unsolvable based on prior information of the character. The deus ex is when you, the writer, give this character a whole new ability or trait to resolve the situation. (… ) now some might consider this a cheap trick of storytelling, but I feel it takes true skill to do one correctly.

In short, we are looking for comics with highly developed characters, themes, and plots that will push the luck of their characters to the highest potential. 

Art style? Well that's the real trick. We want our website's viewers to know they will find quality comics at our site, so we have to uphold a level of standards. That doesn't mean I want to slash at a strange art-style in fact I'd rather have your unique take on art than a generalized one. Let's just make sure the illustrations aren't done by a 5-year old. Again, WE EVALUATE ALL FORMS OF ART EQUALLY.

--------------------What's in it for you? 

Now I feel the main question you're going to ask me is if I'm asking you to go though all the work of dedicating your project to a publisher and you get nothing out of it. Of course that's not what I'm asking, nor will I ask you do it for exposure. 

Although I cannot offer cash deals up-front with this start up business model I can make contracts with you that we can both agree upon being fair to both parties. As I have done with artists for Fishagon games & third party designers that have signed their game over to us, I will always try to give you more than the industry standard as much as I can without cutting out of the companies pocket. 

YOU WILL EARN MONEY IN SOME WAY OR FORM, but it won't be one sided, you will have your fair share of work. This could include promoting and more! (I offer convention support for all my projects and the comics we pick up will be no different.)

------------------- What's AT Comics current standing?

The website is currently being designed by a programming major whom I have complete faith in to create a wonderful website for AT Comics! As well I am currently lining up marketing with "Geek" news casting channels and websites. The comics we are looking to take into the company will be the "Launch Titles" that will dictate how well we do within the first year. (The deals we make now will be better than they ever will!)

------------------ How can I submit my comic? 

1st ask yourself this, does anyone other than yourself own the rights to the comic or characters? Yes? Please do not submit it to us. We are looking for limited exclusivity. If you own all the rights than please feel free.

Once you've finished that easy question you can send me a note on here with samples of your comics or a storyboard.

I know however that not all comics are finished, If you're a writer without an illustrator send me a script, if we sign it we will assist in finding an illustrator for the project.  

Are you an illustrator looking to draw a universe? Contact us about projects we've acquired! We will try our best to pair you with a writer and get a project underway!

Web Programmer? Well we won't be need of any outside of our in-house coder once the website is completely finished, but I'm sure we could work out a short-term contracted deal to get your help!


Thank you all so much for reading this and I hope you will consider this possibility!

Yours Truly,
Sky D. Copeland
President of Fishagon LLC, and future AT Comics. 
We had a fine debut year! Granted we joined in late in the year and were only able to get Mash PotatoS published, it has been a great time with just that one game!

Where did it bring us? Well it brought us to Hancock High School giving a lecture/speech on Entrepreneurship, it got us recognized, and it got us on live playtests with some of the industries instantly known faces!

So what else have we done in 2012? Well aside from getting Mash PotatoS out there we have designed Topsy Turvy, Warlord Tactics (and Warlord Tactics Advanced), Arcanium, Forevermore, 12/21/12, and Solar! Lot of games right? It has been quite the year!

What is in store for 2013 then? Well we have shelved Warlord Tactics to spend time on the other games as it's a big project we currently just don't have the power to get accomplished. But! Topsy Turvy and 12/21/12 are ready to be published and sold to the masses! What's this? Is 12/21/12 going to be on iOS? And Windows? And Andriod? YEP!!!! Want more? Well Forevermore is ready to be published once we complete the artwork, by the way that's a high skilled Edgar Allan Poe trivial board game! The same can be said for 180 card four player Mage battle game Arcanium! Oh and did I mention Solar as well? Yep, just the artwork needs to be finished!

So expect to see all of those games soon! Oh? And you want to see us? Well March 15th-17th you could come to CoastCon 36 in Biloxi, Mississippi to meet Fishagon in person to play and buy our games!

Where all can you find our games? Well go to and use the search bar! or you could check out our soon to come website at !

Well that's all I'm letting you guys know for now!

Shout out time!

:iconnyanfood: Thanks for our amazing logo and your work on Warlord Tactics!

:iconforevercty: Thanks for making developing our soon to release website!

Shouts out to all others who have helped in any way to Warlord Tactics and to those that have supported us!

last ps note here, although we have no videos on either channel you could check us out on Fishagon channel for videos of our games and how to play them videos (coming soon) and Reviewagon channel for the latest and the retro in Video game reviews for the retro and modern systems as well as Let's Plays!


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Sky Davis Copeland
United States
Hello! I'm founder and president of game developer company Fishagon. I use deviantART as a way of finding possible artists for game projects.


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